This is a blog dedicated to those we love to hate on reality TV.

Whether it be the strategic villain on Survivor, the Bachelor contestant who “isn’t in it for the right reasons,” the arrogant former back-up singer on The Voice, or the Kardashians (no explanation needed), we often make fun of people on reality shows because it makes us feel better for being normal, down-to-earth people with mediocre levels of talent. My goal is to give these television personalities the credit they deserve – although I cannot promise that a hint of sarcasm will not creep in every now and then. I mean, some of these people are REALLY ridiculous.

As a reality TV junkie who obviously spent the majority of her adolescence waiting for MTV to come create a Laguna Beach-esque reality show of her and her friends, I believe I am highly qualified to be making these judgments about people I see on TV. I watch them for approximately one hour per week, and have zero insight into the production requirements of the show, so I clearly have a right to judge. Although I am aware of the common societal view of reality TV being “worthless crap” or “a waste of time” I am unashamedly addicted to these shows and would bet my PVR that all the skeptics would be too if they just gave them a chance.

Therefore, this blog will allow fans and skeptics alike the chance to see how although there are always those who we ridicule and dislike, they draw us in and we love them for it! So after the tribe has spoken, the final rose has been accepted, or America has voted the contestant through to next week, allow me to give my humble and subjective opinion on those fools that live, at least a portion of their lives, for the nation to judge.


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