Team Andi

This week’s Bachelor episode has been extremely eye-opening to me in the realization that there are two different types of Bachelor contestants.

There are contestants – I won’t say any names (Clare and Nikki) – who are wooed by a sexy accent and a hot body. They are blinded by fancy dates and the idea of “winning” the man. They don’t desire any deep or insightful conversation, but are content talking about how beautiful the scenery is and hearing how pretty they look tonight.

Then there are contestants like Andi.

On the fantasy suite date, Andi had a rude awakening when she came to realize the true character of good ol’ Juan Pablo. According to Andi, Juan Pablo spent the night sharing stories upon stories about himself, name-dropping, telling her he spent the previous night in the fantasy suite with Clare, and not asking Andi anything about her life. He also told her that she “barely made” the cut for the top three women.

In contrast, according to Juan Pablo, they had a great night and they talked and talked and talked and made easy other laugh. And he “likes Andi” (WAIT, Juan Pablo “likes” something?! What?!).

I believe that we need more Andis in both The Bachelor and in this world.

Andi is a strong, intelligent woman who knows what she wants. She has confidence and a personality and can actually hold a meaningful conversation. Unfortunately, this cannot be said of enough women on the show.

Yes, she may have thought she was falling in love with Juan Pablo due to the exotic scenery and exciting dates that involve playing in waterfalls – and hey, who wouldn’t? – but after one night without the cameras, she realized that she was maybe falling in love with the idea of him, but Juan Pablo is not the man for her.

As Andi puts it, she wants a man that loves her more than he loves himself. That’s the dream, isn’t it ladies?

As Andi tells Juan Pablo that it’s not working for her, his immediate response is “Ees oh-kay” (Juan Pablo for “it’s okay”). As Andi then states, no, it’s not okay.

Attention all men: If a woman comes to you with a problem and she is clearly looking to talk about it, YOU TALK ABOUT IT. Especially if that woman was about a week away from accepting your marriage proposal. It is not okay.

Juan Pablo also excuses his behaviour by saying he was “just being honest” and blaming Andi’s interpretation of the night on a language barrier.

Andi’s response: “There’s a difference between being honest and being an asshole.”


Well, I think it’s about time to end my feminist rant here. Just had to get that out there.

I encourage everyone to read this Huffington post article, which provides a great take on how Andi is the exception to The Bachelor’s unrealistic version of reality.

You lost a good one, Juan Pabs! Where’s the petition to make Andi the next Bachelorette?


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