Keeners ‘n’ K-Pop

This week our favourite Venezuelan Bachelor and his wannabe baby mommas took their talents (although I use that phrase loosely) to Seoul, South Korea, to do some Seoul searching. And find their Seoul mates. And bare their Seouls to each other.

… K I’m done.

The two main conclusions I drew from this episode are as follows:

a)    The standouts of this season of The Bachelor are split between keeners *cough* Clare, Kat… and anti-keeners *cough* Nikki, Sharleen.

  • Criteria for being a keener: Try your hardest to catch Juan Pablo’s attention, or in Kat’s case, the entire South Korean teenybopper population’s attention
  • Criteria for being an anti-keener: DO NOT be keen on life. Be as negative and as unimpressed as possible. Keep your smiling to a minimum. Getting flown around the world on a reality TV show and possibly finding your husband is a huge burden, so act like it.

b)   Juan Pablo has a new favourite genre of music.

And it’s called K-Pop.


So this week the ladies were able to live out the childhood dream of every little girl: background dancing for the South Korean version of Spice Girls.

Kat takes the liberty of combining the looks of Baby Spice with the dancing of Scary Spice – k just kidding, she actually is a good dancer, but she just needs to relax a bit. Unless her goal in life is to literally become a K-Pop background dancer, in which case I say WORK IT GIRL.

On the other hand we have Nikki,  who would rather go spend the day in North Korea than dance to K Pop. Just a Pouty McPouterson. Zero fun. Worst day ever.

Sharleen, usually known for being the least keen on life, actually opens up a bit this episode and pays Juan Pabs the heartfelt compliment of telling him “You are not bland.” WHOA SHARLEEN TURN DOWN THE MUSH. Getting way too sentimental up in here.

Seriously though, Juan Pabs loves her. Calling it now, final 3: Sharleen, Claire, and Andi. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. No spoilers, just been watching the show enough years to know true Bachelor love when I see it!

Finally rounding out the keeners category is Clare, who is really not making any best friends in the Bachelor house on the account of she feels the need to sit on Juan Pabs’ lap everywhere they go. She also has that thing in her eyes… I’m no expert but I think they call it… crazy?

Well that concludes this segment of Keeners ‘n’ K-Pop. Until next time, please turn your volume on full blast and enjoy the female version of Gangnam Style:


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